Price: $14.00

Gabriel Hernandez made a name for himself on Special Ops missions among the best of them– until he was  discharged and left scrambling to find a job.

While surfing the internet for employment opportunities, he stumbles upon a peculiar site promising lucrative  employment opportunities for veterans like him.  A quick skim through the site points to a litany of black  market gigs that pique his interest. It doesn’t take long for him to find one right up his alley – reconnaissance  and surveillance. He figures easy in, easy out; and it pays a hell of a lot better than his mail sorting job.

His clandestine work ignites a level of excitement he hasn’t felt since his days with Special Ops.  He enjoys it  so much, he quits his day job and becomes a full-time hired gun. Within a year, he’s completed over a half  dozen assignments, each more brazen than the one before. But soon, reconnaissance leads to kidnapping  and kidnapping leads to murder.

Now, deeply embedded in this perilous world, a new danger arises – Gabriel’s accounts have been hacked and his clandestine operations have been exposed. If he can’t outsmart his enemy, he’ll become someone’s next target.




Shakedown: The Church Street District

Price: $13.00

“It’s real simple. Either you pay the money and live or refuse and come up missing.”

The Church Street District in downtown Orlando never had a close brush with organized crime—that is, until Patrick Washington arrived on the scene. His ruthless shakedown tactics forced nearly every business owner in the downtown district to relinquish a percentage of their earnings in exchange for his protection.

But one owner in the district was not willing to give in to the extortion attempt. Tony, the owner of Club Metropolis, not only refused the overture, he also dared Patrick to show up at his establishment again with another outlandish proposal.

The exchange between the two sparks a street war that will forever change the nightlife scene of the Church Street District.






Shakedown: Method of Operation

Price: $13.00

Patrick Washington doesn’t take defeat easily. In fact, after escaping the melee that occurred because of his extortion attempt, he’s even more determined to shake down Tony’s establishment.

But there is one big problem, the violent melee grabs the attention of the local law enforcement, who now has him on their radar; making it harder for him to maneuver around the city.

Even with the pressure coming from law enforcement, Patrick continues his assault on Tony. Bodies are piling up and law enforcement is working around the clock to locate Patrick and members of his organization.





Shakedown: Coup De Grace

Price: $13.00

A violent war has darkened downtown Orlando—and Patrick Washington is at the center of it all. His attempts to strong-arm the owner of Club Metropolis only brought a war to the city and the cops to his doorstep. Luckily, he’s smart enough to know when to bail, and Columbia, South Carolina was as good a place as any other to escape the follies of Orlando. Patrick may be in a new city, but his goal remains the same—make money, by any means necessary. As power and influence are back within his grasp, Patrick tries to rebuild what was once his. But he must do so before his enemies close in and leave it all in ruins.




Lost Souls
Price: $8.00

Lost Souls is an anthology of short stories, poems, and essays. A true tour guide through today’s often forgotten problems and dilemmas. A look at relationships of struggle from within. A look at the human character and its emotions it displays when confronted with critical decisions.





The Night Darkness Spoke


THE NIGHT DARKNESS SPOKE is a collection of poetry from Shawn P. Lytle that takes the reader into the philosophy and insight of the man. He takes you on a stroll down memory lane with the poem “Souvenirs of The Past” calling to mind a time and a place of innocence and childhood. Creations such as “Sleepless Nights” and “Crying Hearts”give you a glimpse into a soul wrought with pain and sorrow. There are many uplifting pieces that bring a sense of pride and hope like “A Strong Black Woman” and “Mama Didn’t Raise A Quitter.